Colonel Mustafa Opens Up On Regrets in Relationship with Marya, Citing Fame and Trust Issues

In a recent interview on the Iko Nini Podcast, Kenyan rapper Colonel Mustafa opened up about his feelings of remorse regarding his past relationship with singer Marya. The ‘Lenga Stress’ artist shared insights into the intricacies of their tumultuous connection, exploring the difficulties that arose due to fame and how it ultimately led to their separation.

Mustafa expressed regret for introducing Marya to the music industry, recognizing that she may not have been adequately prepared for the challenges that accompanied fame. He admitted, “Maybe she wasn’t ready for those things because she didn’t want that. She wasn’t into the music scene. But we saw an opportunity to make money with her, and we thought she could do it.”

The rapper detailed how external pressures, promises, and increased attention strained their relationship as Marya gained popularity in the music industry. Mustafa acknowledged that his initial good intentions had unintended consequences, saying, “There are many people out there, and they have a lot of promises. So it came, it broke, people came in, messed things up, and it ended that way.”

However, Mustafa clarified that the damage extended beyond their musical endeavors. Deeper issues, including infidelity, played a more significant role in their breakup. He revealed, “What ruined my relationship with Marya wasn’t about music or religion. It was something deep, and cheating was in the middle of it.”

The turning point in their relationship occurred when Colonel Mustafa discovered unsettling details about Marya’s actions. He recounted an incident involving Marya’s phone, describing how it left him emotionally scarred and with a lasting phobia. “There were things I saw, like the whole house smelling of your perfume since you left. Plus, other things they talked about that messed with my head at that time.”

Colonel Mustafa’s revelations provide insight into the complexities of fame and personal struggles within the music industry, serving as a cautionary tale about the unintended consequences that can impact both personal and professional relationships.