Carol sonnie: How I Manage To Raise Keilah Alone Ata Kama Baba Yake Alimkataa

In a recent interview with an online media outlet, Carol Sonnie, the former partner of Mulamwah and mother of their daughter Keilah Muthooni, shared insights into her life as a single mother raising her child alone, despite Mulamwah’s status as a celebrity and millionaire.

After a period of silence following her public dispute with Mulamwah regarding his involvement in parenting, Carol Sonnie decided to speak out once again. She revealed that her return to YouTube was primarily driven by the need to secure additional income, as she prepares for Keilah’s upcoming school enrollment, for which she bears full financial responsibility, including school fees.

Carol expressed gratitude for the unwavering support of her parents, who have played a pivotal role in her journey as a single mother. Their consistent assistance has ensured that both she and Keilah thrive. Their encouragement and care have been instrumental in Carol’s resurgence on YouTube, where she has been enjoying success.

At present, Carol emphasized that her primary focus is on her daughter’s well-being, rather than pursuing romantic relationships. Her sole priority is to provide Keilah with a fulfilling life and ensure that her needs are met.