Central Organisation of Trade Unions boss Atwoli Tells Off Critics Opposing His Long Stay At COTU

Despite facing pressure from critics urging him to retire, Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary General Francis Atwoli remains resolute in his position. Addressing attendees at the Labour Day celebrations held at Uhuru Gardens, Atwoli emphasized his enduring impact within the organization. He highlighted that, despite his advancing years, his expertise has significantly contributed to advancing the rights of Kenyan workers.

Atwoli underscored his active involvement in negotiating favorable terms and conditions for members during boardroom discussions with employers. He proudly cited the signing of over 44 Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) within his own union this year alone, aimed at alleviating the economic challenges faced by workers. Addressing criticisms of his prolonged tenure, Atwoli asserted that his longevity is a testament to his modern expertise and commitment to the cause.

However, amidst Atwoli’s steadfast leadership, tensions have arisen between COTU and the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PSRA), specifically with its Director-General, Fazul Mohamed. The dispute centers around the issue of monthly deductions from private security businesses to the union. Mohamed accused COTU of neglecting its duty to advocate for its members’ interests, prompting Atwoli to condemn the allegations. Atwoli not only criticized the directive as misguided but also called for Mohamed’s resignation, citing allegations of academic qualification forgery to secure government positions.