I Am Spiritually Close To You! Pope Francis Sends Well Wishes To Kenyans As Floods Cause Havoc

Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church, has conveyed a message of solidarity to Kenya in the face of catastrophic floods that have resulted in loss of life and extensive property damage.

Through his social media platform, Twitter, Pope Francis expressed his heartfelt connection to the people of Kenya, acknowledging the profound distress caused by the recent natural calamities which have claimed the lives of more than 160 individuals.

In his message, Pope Francis stated, “I stand in spiritual unity with the people of Kenya during this challenging period marked by severe flooding, resulting in significant loss of life and extensive destruction. Let us join in prayer for all those affected by this calamity.”

The town of Mai Mahiu witnessed a tragic incident where over 70 individuals lost their lives, with an additional 28 individuals reported missing as an aging dam breached its confines, engulfing homes and properties while residents slept.

Similarly, in Murang’a, the occurrence of landslides resulted in the loss of at least six lives, alongside causing injuries to several others.

In Garissa County, the situation escalated as over 23 individuals were reported missing subsequent to a boat capsizing in the swollen Tana River. Rescue efforts are currently underway to locate and assist those affected.

Furthermore, the floods have led to the closure of numerous roads due to inundation, impeding the movement of both people and goods across affected areas.

The toll of this disaster has been significant, with over 160 fatalities recorded and more than 30,000 individuals displaced from their residences. The government has issued advisories urging residents in flood-prone regions to relocate to safer, elevated areas.

Pope Francis’ message underscores a global call for compassion and solidarity in times of adversity, urging prayers and support for the affected communities as they navigate through this challenging period of recovery and resilience.