Bungoma Eating Competition: Wamalwa Eats 2kg Of Ugali And 1Kg Of Omena In 10 Minutes,

In the spotlight recently was Wamalwa, a middle-aged resident of Marakaru in Bungoma county, whose remarkable feat captured the attention of many. In a mere 35 minutes, he devoured an impressive 2 kilograms of ugali and 1 kilogram of omena.

This annual eating contest, set against the backdrop of a tea plantation season, unfolds in an open field where competitors are served the piping hot meal after 45 minutes, attracting a crowd of eager spectators.

Wamalwa emerged victorious in the competition, securing for himself the coveted title and additional rewards of free fertilizer and tree seeds for future planting endeavors. Unfazed by the seemingly daunting task of consuming such substantial portions, Wamalwa attributed his success to his inherent ability to eat heartily. To the surprise and amazement of onlookers, he dismissed the challenge of finishing such a substantial lunch as an effortless undertaking, expressing genuine enjoyment in participating in these eating contests.

What sets Wamalwa apart is the sheer astonishment his accomplishment elicits, given the considerable effort required to consume such copious amounts of food. While many would find such feats arduous, Wamalwa possesses a natural flair for eating and relishes the opportunity to engage in these competitive eating events. His passion for the pastime is evident, and he eagerly anticipates partaking in more contests in the future.