“I’m Used to Dating Old Ladies” Machachari Actor Govi Confesses.

Malik Lemmy, famously known as Govi from the popular Machachari show that aired on Citizen TV a few years ago, has stirred online buzz after revealing his preferences in dating.

During a question and answer session on his Instagram stories, Govi disclosed that he is currently single and has been through several relationships. He shared that none of these relationships worked out; in some cases, he was dumped, while in others, he chose to walk away.

What has particularly surprised many is Govi’s preference for dating older women. The 21-year-old confessed that most of his ex-girlfriends are older than him. He expressed that, if given a choice, he would prefer to date an older woman again. For Govi, age is not a significant factor in a relationship. Instead, he values the connection and mutual understanding between partners.

Govi is now single and hopes to find the woman of his dreams. He advised men to prioritize financial stability before entering into relationships, believing that having money increases the chances of attracting any woman they desire.