Influencer She’s Kemunto Opens Up About The Viral Instagram Confessions

Kenyan influencer and entrepreneur Diana Kemunto, better known as She’s Kemunto, has recently addressed the widespread attention garnered by the intimate confessions shared on her Instagram platform.

In a candid statement across her social media channels, Kemunto affirmed the authenticity of the confessions, emphasizing that they are meticulously vetted and sourced from her followers. She underscored her commitment to transparency and integrity in sharing these personal narratives.

The surge in viral confessions last week sparked significant interest among Kenyans, prompting Kemunto to delve deeper into their insights. Originating from her followers’ direct messages, these confessions shed light on intimate experiences, serving as cautionary tales for others.

Formerly identified as a ‘city girl,’ Kemunto clarified that these stories are genuine testimonies voluntarily shared by her followers. She dismissed any notion of scripting or personal gain, stressing her reliance on her own discernment and the credibility of her sources.

Addressing skepticism, Kemunto asserted her autonomy in curating content, highlighting her capacity for critical thinking and discernment. She refuted any allegations of fabrication, emphasizing her genuine concern for raising awareness and fostering dialogue on intimate matters.

Kemunto attributed her motivation for sharing these stories to personal experiences, including supporting a friend who endured a viral infection. These narratives serve not only to raise awareness but also to offer counseling and support to her audience.

Her journey to notoriety began in 2022 when she transitioned from offering advice on hustling tactics to advising young women on navigating relationships in urban settings. This evolution underscores Kemunto’s multifaceted approach to empowering her audience, blending personal anecdotes with practical guidance.