“Sasa Nitembee Bila Filters?” Pritty Vishy Caught Looking Terrible In Makeup Free Photos

Pritty Vishy bore a striking resemblance to her authentic rural origins when she ventured outdoors sans any makeup. The controversial content creator, renowned for her bold and unapologetic style, dared to bare her natural face, which left some individuals astounded.

On October 3, 2023, Vishy marked her 22nd birthday by making a casual appearance in a video while indulging in a meal, devoid of any makeup. The online community was taken aback when they compared images of Vishy both with and without her signature makeup.

One individual, Shay Nixe, quipped humorously, “Tuseme hii ndio color yako sasa! Hizo zingine ni filters eeh,” playfully alluding to the transformative power of makeup. In response, Vishy retorted with a touch of wit, “@shay_nixe haya inafaa nitembee nayo?” She raised a valid point about the prevalent use of filters in today’s digital age.

Prior to this episode, Vishy had candidly expressed her frustration with the way society tends to judge women with larger body types, particularly when they choose to don bikinis. She noted, “It’s intriguing how when a slender girl wears a bikini, everyone showers them with compliments about their cuteness. However, when a plus-size woman does the same… Yooooh, some people start drawing comparisons to hippos, rhinos, and the like.” Her words underscored the double standards and body shaming that many individuals face based on their body size.