Andrew Kibe: Why I Will Never Get Married Again. -

Andrew Kibe: Why I Will Never Get Married Again.

Kenyan content creator and celebrity critic, Andrew Kibe, hailing from the United States of America, has made the candid decision to elucidate why he has sworn off the prospect of ever entering into matrimony again.

In a recent interaction with his followers during the renowned “Ask Kibe Friday” segment, Andrew Kibe expounded that marriage is an elaborate deception, one that has historically shackled countless men, hindering their progress in life. The institution of marriage, he contended, brings forth a slew of trifling predicaments that possess the potency to derail a man’s focus and ambition.

Kibe elaborated that a pivotal reason underpinning his resolve to remain unmarried is his resolute dedication to his own aspirations and creative pursuits. The nature of his content creation endeavors, he argued, is inherently incompatible with the demands of a marital commitment, necessitating him to halt his relentless pursuit of his professional vision.

Drawing from personal experience, Kibe recounted his previous marriage as a pivotal moment of his life’s derailment. Despite his role as a church board member, his authority within his marital relationship was tenuous at best, leading him to a situation where his conjugal bond began to veer off course.

The marital union brought with it an assortment of inconsequential conflicts that clouded his own identity and aspirations. It was only when this liaison culminated in heartache and dissolution that he recognized the fallacy inherent in the institution of marriage. The aftermath of the separation forced him to rebuild his life from the ground up, serving as a poignant realization that the institution of marriage, as he perceives it, is fundamentally flawed.