Kenyan Comedian 2Mbili Assaulted by His Baby Mama

2Mbili, a Kenyan comedian, is recovering from injuries inflicted upon him by his baby mama. Oga Obinna, a close friend of 2Mbili, took to social media to share the comedian’s struggles and call for help.

According to Obinna, 2Mbili has been the victim of repeated physical abuse, including beatings, knife attacks, and burns from hot water. The baby mama has even gone as far as to beat the children to punish 2Mbili and lock him out of their home.

Obinna shared a video of 2Mbili, visibly injured and bleeding, explaining that this was the third time he had been assaulted. Despite seeking help from gender based violence offices and the police, no action has been taken.

2Mbili has chosen to stay for the sake of his children, but the abuse continues. Obinna pleads for assistance, highlighting the lack of support for men in cases of gender-based violence. He also emphasizes the importance of treating all individuals with respect and not resorting to violence.