“Mungu atanibariki,” KMTC student returns Sh. 32K sent by mistake

Rehema Anyango, a young woman hailing from Bomet, Kenya, has touched the hearts of many in her country by returning 32,000 shillings that were mistakenly sent to her phone number.

Taking to social media to share her experience, Anyango revealed that on January 14, she was pleasantly surprised to discover an exciting M-Pesa message upon turning on her phone. The member of the Christian Union (CU) had intentionally turned off her phone to engage in a moment of spiritual reflection.

Upon switching her phone back on, Anyango was greeted by an M-Pesa message indicating that she had received 32,000 shillings from an unknown number. Overjoyed, she initially couldn’t believe her eyes and expressed her excitement about the unexpected windfall.

“I switched on my phone, and a M-Pesa message appeared on the screen. At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes. An unknown number had sent me 32,000 shillings. I was very excited,” she recounted.

Despite being sponsored by well-wishers, Anyango tried to contact the sender, only to find that the phone was switched off. Nonetheless, she remained elated, assuming that someone had decided to surprise her with this generous amount.

“I was very happy, thinking someone decided to gift me. I had already planned to buy a laptop,” she shared.

However, within a few minutes of receiving the message, Safaricom contacted Anyango and delivered the unfortunate news that the money had been sent in error. They guided her through the reversal process, which she promptly and faithfully executed.

“I had no intention of keeping the money. Although I was in a financially challenging situation, Safaricom informed me that the money was not mine, and I reversed it immediately,” Anyango affirmed.

Despite her display of honesty and integrity, Anyango mentioned that she did not receive any reward or recognition from the sender. Nevertheless, Kenyans on social media commended her for upholding her Christian values and resisting the temptation posed by the substantial sum.

“May God bless you. You did the right thing… That’s what Christians ought to do,” commented one social media user, reflecting the sentiments of many applauding her ethical conduct.