Harmonize Neatly Braids His Girlfriend Poshy Queen’s Hair

Tanzanian Bongo Flava sensation Harmonize recently showcased his affectionate side by skillfully braiding his girlfriend Poshy Queen’s hair in a heartwarming video shared on his social media platforms.

In the delightful clips, Harmonize can be seen enthusiastically braiding Poshy Queen’s hair, ensuring that each cornrow is impeccably neat. With precision and care, he effortlessly styles her natural hair, creating a flawless look that cascades gracefully from her forehead to the nape of her neck. Positioned behind her, the talented artist flaunts his braiding prowess, much to the delight of his fans, while Poshy Queen radiates happiness, appreciating the attention and skill bestowed upon her by her loving partner.

Accompanying the video, the “Dharau” hitmaker teasingly captions, “Wait for it,” as he meticulously divides and weaves the strands of hair to achieve the desired result. Throughout the process, he tenderly advises his girlfriend to remain calm to ensure a comfortable experience, mindful of not causing any discomfort.

Prior to this endearing gesture, Harmonize had expressed his intention to braid Poshy Queen’s hair during a leisurely car ride, gently running his fingers through her locks as they bonded. Assuring her with playful banter, he confidently declared his ability to enhance her hairstyle, reassuring her with the promise of a superior outcome compared to a conventional combing session.

Initially skeptical, Poshy Queen watches in awe as Harmonize effortlessly transforms her hair, her disbelief evident as she gazes at the mirror, marveling at the flawless cornrows adorning her scalp. In that moment, any doubt dissipates, replaced by admiration and gratitude for her partner’s unexpected talent and affectionate gesture.