”Mandago should sell his farm and return the money”-Oscar Sudi fumes. -

”Mandago should sell his farm and return the money”-Oscar Sudi fumes.

Kapsaret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi has weighed in on the ongoing debate surrounding the Finland scholarship controversy and urged Uasin Gishu Senator Jackson Mandago to provide compensation to the families who suffered financial losses due to the failed program.

Addressing his constituents during the launch of CDF classes on a Friday, Sudi issued a stern warning, stating that he would not come to the defense of his Kenya Kwanza counterpart. He revealed that he too had incurred substantial losses, amounting to approximately Ksh 10 million, as a result of contributions made to students aspiring to pursue their studies in Finland.

Expressing deep concern for the hardships faced by numerous parents who are still struggling to make ends meet, Sudi emphasized the need for Mandago to take decisive action. He even suggested that Mandago should consider selling his property if necessary, in order to repay the affected families what is rightfully theirs. Sudi firmly asserted that these individuals are not destitute and should not be deceived any further.

Sudi further disclosed his own involvement in contributing Ksh 10 million towards the Finland scholarship initiative. He stressed that regardless of the ongoing legal proceedings, the money must be reimbursed. He firmly believed that justice could only be served by the return of these funds, despite the pending court case in which Mandago and three others were accused of conspiring to commit a crime.

According to Sudi, it was evident that the misappropriation of funds had taken place several months before the election period, making it a deliberate act of embezzlement. He highlighted the sacrifices made by individuals who had sold their properties or taken loans to support the cause, only to see their contributions misused. Sudi firmly stated that defending such behavior was unacceptable, emphasizing that debts must be settled.

In the meantime, Mandago has maintained his innocence in the case and expressed his willingness to collaborate with the affected families to devise a strategy for recovering their lost funds.