“Your bad attitude will see you remain single forever”- Willy Paul Badly Blasts Sanaipei Tande.

As the clout chasing continues, Musician Willy Paul has now picked wars with his fellow artist, Sanaipei Tande after she allegedly turned down a collabo wit him.

This comes after a previous interview with Mzazi Willy Mtuva where Sanaipei revealed that Pozze had reached out to her for the collabo but she turned the request down.

Now, Pozze has come out to address the issue and express his displeasure with Tande.

He said that Sana has a bad attitude which he claimed that it chases away men who could be her potential suitors.

“This kind of attitude is what have made men run away from you… I grew up listening to her, she was among my favorite female music artists but today I feel pained with what she said in the interview. I feel that she hates me,” Willy Paula said.

“I just wanted a taste of your voice in my album because I believe you are talent. I always though you had a kind heart but I was wrong. Now you have missed out on the biggest album. All the artists the album are bigger than you but I still wanted you to be in it,” he added.