Kenyan Nurses To Earn shillings 150K Monthly In Saudi Arabia

Kenyan nurses assigned to Saudi Arabia are slated to receive a minimum monthly salary of Kes 150,000, in accordance with a newly established Bilateral Labour Agreement (BLA) between Kenya and Saudi Arabia. This development, as highlighted by Labour and Social Protection Cabinet Secretary Florence Bore, signifies a significant advancement in international employment opportunities for qualified Kenyan healthcare professionals, particularly in nursing.

The government is actively exploring diverse sectors, both domestically and internationally, to secure employment opportunities for Kenyans. Bore emphasized that Kenyan nurses with a year of experience are guaranteed a monthly salary of Kes 150,000, with additional compensation for those possessing more extensive work experience in Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, Bore expressed the government’s intent to forge BLAs with 19 more countries to expand job prospects for Kenyans. Currently, Kenya already has Bilateral Labour Agreements in place with Qatar, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia, with plans for further collaborations on the horizon.

Addressing the prevalent issue of high youth unemployment rates in Kenya, Bore justified the government’s decision to export labor as a strategic measure to alleviate the dire employment situation. She acknowledged the challenging unemployment landscape, highlighting the plight of numerous graduates who, despite their qualifications, remain without job opportunities.

The Kenyan government has recently greenlit the deployment of 2,500 nurses to work in Saudi Arabia. The selection of Fast Reliable Enterprises and Nasmama Services Ltd. as overseeing agencies for nurse recruitment was determined through a rigorous competitive evaluation process. This move is expected to contribute to easing unemployment pressures and creating avenues for Kenyan professionals to pursue international employment opportunities.