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“Ata Kama Si Vajo ni sawa”:Peter Salasya Seriously Looking For A Wife

Mumias East Member of Parliament, Peter Salasya, recently made a public announcement regarding his pursuit of a life partner, specifically emphasizing his preference for a female companion. Citing the chilly and rainy climate of Nairobi as a motivating factor, the candid MP expressed his desire for companionship and warmth. In a candid Instagram post, Salasya, donning a white t-shirt and grey shorts while lounging on his bed, humorously lamented the cold weather and asserted the necessity of having a woman by his side, regardless of her virginity status. He invited the online community to assist him in finding a suitable partner.

This declaration stands in contrast to Salasya’s previous inclination towards seeking a virgin spouse. Earlier in the year, he engaged with Lavyn Shantel, who professed her affection for him. During their interaction, Salasya inquired about her purity, indicating a preference for a virgin bride.

The amusing parliamentarian was taken aback by Shantel’s direct approach. However, she affirmed her readiness for marriage, asserting Salasya as her ideal match.

Online commentators reacted to Salasya’s announcement with a mix of amusement and curiosity, with some questioning his shifting standards and others expressing empathy for his desire for companionship amidst the chilly Nairobi weather.