“Platform Yangu Si ya kuchangisha Matanga” Nyako Pilot Vows Not To Fundraise For Chira’s Burial,

On her TikTok platform, Nyako Pilot, a Kenyan residing in Germany and well-known TikToker, has made a firm decision not to engage in fundraising efforts for the late TikToker Brian Chira.

During a recent TikTok Live session, Nyako Pilot expressed her sentiment, stating that she had supported Chira during his difficult times and treated him like family. Despite this, she clarified that she would not initiate any fundraising campaigns herself.

Nyako Pilot highlighted that many individuals reaching out to her via direct messages (DMs) requesting fundraising assistance are primarily seeking attention and fame in light of Chira’s untimely passing.

Instead of resorting to online fundraising, Nyako Pilot announced her intention to personally visit Chira’s grandmother and provide financial assistance directly. She emphasized her stance, stating, “Let me be clear. I will not use my platform to raise funds for any funeral arrangements. Personally, when I return to Kenya, I will hand money to Brian’s grandmother.”

Furthermore, Nyako Pilot underscored her refusal to succumb to pressure from certain online users urging her to initiate fundraising efforts for Chira’s family. She cited negative social media criticism she faced during her interactions with Chira as a factor influencing her decision.

“Please exclude me from the noise. I will not organize any fundraisers or provide funds to anyone via TikTok,” she asserted.

Nyako Pilot first met Brian Chira during a period of stress he endured due to legal issues involving some digital content creators. After his release from jail, Chira encountered numerous challenges, including difficulties with rent and food. In response, Nyako Pilot transferred Ksh 300K to him, which covered his rent, food, and personal expenses.