Kevin Bahati: How My Ex-Girlfriend Made Me Fail KCSE exam

One of the most famous and celebrated secular singers, Kevin Bahati, recently opened up about his first love and how it nearly cost him everything.

Bahati shared this story in response to a question about his young firstborn son, Morgan, having a girlfriend while still in primary school.

In an interview with online media, Bahati expressed his frustration when Morgan introduced his girlfriend publicly. He stated that he is firmly against the idea of Morgan having a girlfriend at such a young age and completely disagreed with his wife, Diana, on the matter. Bahati has also warned Morgan about the potential consequences.

Bahati’s main concern is that having a girlfriend while still in school will distract Morgan from his studies, causing him to spend too much time focusing on the relationship rather than his education.

Bahati revealed that he did not achieve the grade he desired in his KCSE exams due to his first girlfriend, Nancy, who broke up with him just a few months before the exams. As his first love, this breakup deeply affected him mentally.

He struggled to concentrate, felt stressed, and spent most of his time trying to heal, which ultimately impacted his academic performance and resulted in a grade far below his expectations.

The singer mentioned that he has had conversations with his wife, Diana, and he is confident that Morgan’s situation will not repeat itself. He believes that Morgan is still too young and has much to accomplish before getting involved in relationships.