Amina Abdi Discloses Njugush Used to Give Her Food Everyday in University: “I Had No Money” -

Amina Abdi Discloses Njugush Used to Give Her Food Everyday in University: “I Had No Money”

NTV journalist Amina Abdi Rabar recently opened up about her financial struggles during her college years. In a surprising revelation, she shared that comedian Njugush, whom she interviewed on the Trend Show on May 19, used to buy her food when they were students.

Amina expressed her gratitude towards Njugush, highlighting his consistent support as a brother and a good friend. She mentioned that she was in a dire financial situation and couldn’t afford meals on her own at the time. It turns out that Amina and Njugush were also coursemates during their university days.

However, it’s worth noting that Njugush had previously disclosed that his wife, Wakavinye, helped him financially when he was in college due to his own financial constraints. This information sparked confusion among fans, leading to various reactions on social media.

Fans expressed their surprise at the apparent discrepancy between Njugush’s previous statement and Amina’s recent revelation. Some questioned the chain of events, while others speculated on the exchange of support between Njugush and Amina.

On a different note, Njugush and Wakavinye recently had a successful show, TTNT4, in the United Kingdom. Following their accomplishment, they took the opportunity to explore London. It was during their visit to the renowned London Eye that Njugush proposed to Wakavinye in a heartfelt moment. With his left shoe removed, he went down on one knee and presented a ring to his partner. Overjoyed, Wakavinye clapped in excitement and said “yes” to his proposal.

Wakavinye later shared their engagement story on social media, humorously stating that she would forever mention that Njugush proposed at the London Eye.