“Alikuwa anafanana maiti”- Andrew Kibe Badly Mocks Akothee’s Wedding.

Controversial content creator, Andrew Kibe has finally shared his thoughts on Akothee’s Wedding.

Kibe is known for his appetite on being Savage when love is concerned and his reaction to the wedding was something Kenyans waited for.

On his YouTube channel, Kibe mocked Akothee for marrying Omosh saying that the man is too young for her.

He said that the wedding was the worst in centuries adding that Akothee looked like a corpse.

Kibe stated that the make-up artist did a shordy job and it ruined everything.

He added that her face was not designed for makeups since it makes her look like a dead person.

Kibe went on to add that she has no true friends since they’d have told her how badly her makeup was done.