Mwai Kibaki Finally Tells His Son, Jimmy Kibaki, Who He Should Work With in His Political Journey

Kenya’s third president Mwai Kibaki’s son Jimmy Kibaki has at last brought to the public spotlight details of the rundown of people his dad, advised him to work with during his political journey.

Having downed the mantle of leadership as the Member of Parliament of Othaya following a record breaking 38 years of service at profoundly elective position, Kibaki wanted someone who would continue to serve the people of Othaya with great commitment just as he had done.

Kibaki posed a serious question to his eminent son Jimmy, testing him on whether he would acknowledge a clarion call to serve people of Othaya as their MP. Without hesitance, he replied that he wanted to engage people without fundamentally being their National leader.

After his response, Mwai Kibaki then gave to his son a finger-licking list of commendable individuals with whom he ought to team up and work with. Women’s groups were part of the list, according to Jimmy Kibaki. He underscored that he chose to navigate the lane of empowering women simply because when you empower a woman then you have empowered an entire family.

Jimmy Kibaki describes doing a fund-raising event for the Othaya Women’s Group, and the sum raised was far much higher any other during his father’s stint in office (as MP for Othaya).

With just under 4 months remaining for Kenyans to go to the voting ballot, which candidate do you suppose Jimmy Kibaki and the vast Kibaki Family will apparently embrace in the August ninth State House race?