“Nataka Mwanaume wa Kunipea Mechi Safi Daily”,70 years old virgin confesses

A virgin woman is hard to come by in the modern world. Aliphosin Tabarwa, a 70-year-old virgin from the DRC, said that she is extremely pure. She has never had a sexual relationship with a man…. CONTINUE READING

Tabarwa claimed in an interview with Afrimax English that she gave everything up to care for her younger siblings. She decided to abstain from worldly pleasures so that she could raise her siblings and ensure that they all finished high school.

Since she avoided men and generally said no to them when they tried to approach her, she hasn’t had a sexual relationship with one for the past 70 years.

The 70-year-old virgin also admitted that, while all of her peers her age are married and have families, she only has her siblings, for whom she has sacrificed her happiness.

She has achieved her goals because all her siblings have graduated. Now Tabarwa is desperately looking for a man to marry her. She said publicly that, the man will find a very pure woman because she has never had sex.

Tabarwa is optimistic that she will get one, and even get married. Age is just a number, and by the grace of God, she knows that she will get married