Justina Syokau Looking For A Rich Man Aged 35 To 60 Years For Love And Lungula

Justina Syokau has recently divulged her eagerness to explore new avenues of love following the dissolution of her alleged relationship with a wealthy suitor, who left her heartbroken just a month after their lavish wedding.

Renowned for her outspoken and lively demeanor, Syokau is now adopting a fresh set of criteria in her pursuit of love.

The well-known gospel singer, who had previously expressed a preference for tall, dark, and physically fit men, has surprised many by altering her focus. According to Syokau, she is now seeking a man with unconventional physical attributes such as an unattractive face and a pot belly.

“I am not interested in dating an older man. I am in search of someone young, energetic, and skilled in intimate matters. I desire a 25-year-old billionaire, irrespective of his tribe or race. A man aged 70 or above won’t take me to cloud 9. His son, on the other hand, would be an ideal match for me,” declared Justina Syokau in a recent statement.

Syokau has delineated specific qualities she is looking for in a potential partner. Beyond the unconventional physical traits, she underscores the significance of love, stating that her ideal man should be affectionate and fall within the age range of 35 to 60 years old.

In addition to these preferences, she is in search of a partner who is ready to shower her with a level of care befitting a baby girl princess.