BREAKING: Schools To Close For 5 Days In November To Curb Unrest

BREAKING NEWS: Schools To Close For 5 Days In November To Curb Unrest

According to news hitting the air waves just now, the Half term break has been re-introduced in the school calendar as a step to contain increasing student unrest.

According CitizenTVKe, the break will commence on November 19 to 23, gov’t says.

This major decision has come barely hours after several schools burnt down with a death and injuries reported.

The most shocking incident was the Buruburu Girls fire after a viral clip emerged showing girls jumping several storeys down to escape from a raging dormitory fire.

According to the dairies, school heads had called for the ministry of education to close down learning institutions to curb the crisis.

It is yet to be established what could have led to such chaotic scenes around school with school leadership, food and entertainment being major highlights that caused unrest.


Macharia. This will significantly reduce incidents of arson in boarding schools n students rampage. Everyone needs a break

Ouma.. The government bowing to the momument erected by unruly kids…wonders never end!

Njeru… This is after some few school have been turned into ashes!! The ministry of education is having some mentally sick people!!

Nyamisi.. This shows how incompetent our teachers are…soon they will close down school as a result of increase in unrest

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