“We will impeach you!” – Over 1000 kiambu business owners threaten to Impeach Governor Wamatangi over tax hikes

Over a thousand business proprietors hailing from Kiganjo, Thika, took a united stand by shuttering their establishments and staging a protest against the recent tax hikes imposed by the Kiambu County Government. This move comes amidst a sharp rise in the overall cost of living, placing additional burdens on the already strained business community.

In a resolute declaration, these entrepreneurs have pledged to gather signatures with the aim of ousting Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi from his position. They accuse him of neglecting their needs and exacerbating their challenges by raising licensing fees, effectively rendering their businesses unsustainable.

Furthermore, they have adamantly refused to comply with the escalated levies and issued a stern warning to the county authorities against deploying enforcement officers to intimidate them.

Under the leadership of Boniface Kabugu, spokesperson for the business cohort, there is a collective outcry regarding the inadequate provision of essential services despite their consistent payment of taxes and levies. They highlight issues such as unattended garbage, faulty sewage systems, insufficient healthcare facilities, dilapidated roads, and water shortages as glaring examples of the government’s negligence.

The business owners recount instances of harassment by enforcement officers, who have been confiscating their merchandise, including clothing and prepared food, exacerbating their already precarious financial situations.

Beyond solely holding the county government accountable, they also cast blame on other elected officials for ignoring their pleas, despite having received overwhelming support in the previous elections.

Jane Gathoni, a vendor of ice cream priced between five to ten shillings, expresses her dismay at being required to pay a steep licensing fee of KSh18,000, which she deems unaffordable. Despite this, she remains resolute in her determination to join forces with her peers to collect signatures for Governor Wamatangi’s removal before they face further adversity in their businesses.

Boniface Mbugua underscores the significance of Kamenu Ward as the largest in Kiambu County, expressing confidence in the success of the signature collection endeavor. He points out that many business owners are struggling to stay afloat amidst declining demand and rising operational costs.

The ultimatum issued to the governor, scheduled for Monday, April 29th, signifies their intent to escalate their demands by converging on his office in Kiambu, demanding swift action to address their grievances.