You wasted my Kids millions: Nikita love responds after Wuod Fibi claimed she married her despite having 4 children from another man

In a recent emotionally charged live stream on TikTok, the well-known Luo music producer Wuod Fibi opened up about his past relationship with his ex-wife, Nikita Love, sharing intimate details.

Wuod Fibi, renowned for his unique music productions, stressed the importance of mutual respect even after their separation, reflecting on their love story which began in 2016 when a mutual friend from Sweden introduced them. Sadly, this friend has since passed away, but their role in bringing Wuod Fibi and Nikita together was pivotal.

Affectionately renaming his then-partner Nyangi Akoth as Nikita Love, their connection deepened swiftly, despite Nikita’s return to Sweden within a month of their initial meeting. However, their bond endured the distance.

Upon Nikita’s return in November, the couple swiftly decided to marry, organizing the entire wedding within a week, a testament to their commitment to each other. Reflecting on the whirlwind pace of their union, Wuod Fibi shared, “I took the cows on Monday, and by Saturday, we were married,” underscoring his dedication and the sacrifices he made, especially in marrying Nikita, who already had four children from a previous relationship.

He emphasized his wholehearted acceptance of her children, stating that he never encountered any issues with them. However, Nikita Love offered a contrasting perspective on Wuod Fibi’s account, airing her frustrations and grievances on her Facebook page.

In her response, she accused Wuod Fibi of mishandling her children’s finances, expressing disappointment and disbelief, questioning whether he could be considered a hero worthy of celebration given these allegations.