KU graduate resorts to killing himself after failing to get a job, says mothers in the village has being Abusing him for lucking job

Following the completion of his Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Health and Safety from Kenyatta University in 2022, a tragic turn of events has unfolded as a graduate has chosen to end his life, citing insurmountable challenges in securing employment.

In a series of tweets, Murithi Nkumira, the individual in question, poured out his struggles, revealing the hardships he has faced since graduating. Upon his return to his village, Murithi encountered ridicule, particularly from the older generation, who viewed his pursuit of education unfavorably and compared him unfavorably to those who hadn’t pursued higher education.

Recalling his journey that began six years ago at Kenyatta University in the academic year 2018/2019, Murithi initially harbored dreams of a promising future, unaware of the hurdles that awaited him.

However, upon graduating in December 2022, he was harshly confronted with the stark reality of unemployment. His return to his hometown in Meru only deepened his disillusionment, as he faced the disheartening reactions of his community, especially from the women, who perceived his unemployment as a personal failure despite his educational accomplishments.

In a moment of candor, Murithi cautioned against immediate returns to hometowns post-graduation, citing the frustrations he endured there. He recounted the disdain and scrutiny he faced, particularly emphasizing the disappointment expressed by the women in his community.

Feeling adrift and uncertain of his next move, Murithi retreated to Nairobi on March 4th, 2023, with scant resources. Settling in Ngomongo Slums near Korogocho, he struggled to make ends meet, using whatever little money he had to pay rent.

Despite holding a degree, Murithi found himself grappling with dire circumstances, lacking basic necessities such as food, employment, and financial stability. His plight underscored the bitter irony of possessing academic qualifications while struggling to fulfill even the most fundamental needs.

Expressing profound despair, Murithi voiced his exhaustion in facing life’s relentless challenges, stating that if circumstances continued to overwhelm him, he saw no recourse but to seek solace in the afterlife.