Cheating husband beaten like a squirrel by angry momo wife after she busted him at his side-chick’s house –(VIDEO)

A cheating husband cursed the day he was born after he was busted by his better half at his side chick’s house, busy dismantling the honey pot.

Very much like a typical ‘Fisi’, the man lied to his wife that he was caught up with hustling for their children, not realizing that she was following his moves.

The plus size lady, who was breathing fire like an injured tiger, caught her husband red handed at his side chick’s house and caused massive drama.

She wrestled him to the ground like a baby and gave him a serious beating.

Poor people man was heard pleading for mercy however his wife kept on beating him like a burukenge, as neighbors watched the sensational scene that resembles a soap opera.

Watch video.