“I am not gay, napenda wanawake sana”: DJ Fatxo comes clean on being LGBTQ member

Mugithi artist Lawrence Njuguna Wagura, popularly known as DJ Fatxo, has strongly denied allegations of being a member of the LGBTQI community. The musician addressed these claims in response to accusations that he, along with his cousin and driver, had sexually assaulted Jeff Mwathi on the night of his death.

During an exclusive interview with Mpasho, DJ Fatxo expressed his firm stance, saying, “I am not gay, I have never been, and I never will be. The individuals who sought to bring me down fabricated lies because they believed that the murder narrative would not work.”

He continued to affirm his attraction to women and their reciprocated interest in him. DJ Fatxo emphasized that he refrained from posting about his girlfriend due to unfounded rumors about his sexuality. He expressed frustration regarding the false claims, stating, “What angers me is that I have never made any inappropriate advances toward the musicians I associate with.”

The artist went on to narrate the events leading up to Jeff Mwathi’s death, providing detailed insights into their interactions. He explained that he had been introduced to Jeff by businesswoman Faith Mutanu, who provided him with Jeff’s contact information. However, he clarified that he did not contact Jeff immediately upon receiving his number, as their acquaintance was not particularly close.

Eventually, DJ Fatxo arranged a meeting with Jeff to discuss potential business opportunities. They decided to meet at Bliss Bistro, where DJ Fatxo was accompanied by Kinuthia, an event manager. During their conversation, DJ Fatxo received a call from Arthur Mupau, the personal assistant to Churchill Live, regarding a show booking. As DJ Fatxo sought financial support for his businesses, he cut the meeting short to meet with Mupau.

Together with Kinuthia and Jeff, DJ Fatxo left Bliss Bistro and headed to Ashaki Gardens. While en route, they discussed the renovation plans for DJ Fatxo’s shop, and Jeff requested a pen and paper to jot down the necessary materials. Meanwhile, DJ Fatxo received a call from Tiktoker Sue Gachambi, who asked for assistance in finding job opportunities. Consequently, DJ Fatxo arranged to meet an events organizer named Douglas from Whiskey River to organize these prospects. Jeff expressed a desire to accompany DJ Fatxo to the event afterward.

On their way to the event, they picked up one of Jeff’s friends in Gwa Kairu. Following that, they made a stop at the shop where DJ Fatxo planned to renovate, before proceeding to Liquor Store in RidgeWays on Kiambu Road. DJ Fatxo clarified that their visit to these locations primarily revolved around business meetings rather than festivities.

Later, DJ Fatxo recounted arriving at Quiver Lounge around 8:30 pm or 9:00 pm, intending to support DJ Moh’s reggae performance. DJ Fatxo clarified that he was the one driving, and Jeff’s girlfriend accompanied them. At Quiver Lounge, Jeff’s girlfriend decided to leave early, which puzzled DJ Fatxo. Assuming the money he had lent Jeff was for her cab fare, DJ Fatxo questioned her departure. Subsequently, he called his driver to join them, as they planned to indulge in drinks. They eventually settled the bill at around 3:00 am.

As DJ Fatxo showed Faith Mutanu, who was responsible for his deliveries, his residence, one of the ladies accompanying them requested to use his washroom. DJ Fatxo’s house became the backdrop for Jeff’s video recording, where he intended to share it with his mother. DJ Fatxo played the guitar, and one of the ladies smoked shisha. Around 4:30 am, DJ Fatxo and Jeff began drinking, but DJ Fatxo