Dem wa FB reveals The number of clothes he was given by Mulamwah’s wife, Ruth K

Comedian Dem Wa Facebook recently shed light on the truth surrounding a viral video featuring him receiving a stack of clothes from Ruth K at Mulamwah’s residence.

During a conversation with Obinna, Dem Wa Facebook disclosed that despite the footage showing him being presented with numerous garments by Ruth K in the living room of their new shared abode with Mulamwah, he didn’t take all of them home.

He clarified that although he tried on approximately 15 outfits, he only departed with three pieces, which he currently refrains from wearing.

“I didn’t solicit for the clothes; otherwise, I would have donned them if I had indeed asked for them. It was a brief interaction, but I ended up taking home just three garments, which I can’t wear now to avoid any misconceptions that they belong to Mulamwah’s spouse, even those I purchased from Gikomba,” he explained.

“I tried on 15 outfits, and although she claimed she provided me with 15, behind the scenes, I only left with three. Now everyone’s urging me to sport Ruth K’s attire, leaving me baffled as to which specific clothes they’re referring to,” the former beauty queen remarked.

Nevertheless, Dem Wa Facebook expressed gratitude towards Ruth K for the gesture but urged people not to assume that every ensemble he wears henceforth originates from her.

Last week, Ruth K shared a video on her YouTube channel featuring her and Dem Wa Facebook in their new dwelling, wherein she could be seen gifting him clothes before entering the bedroom, citing body changes post-pregnancy and childbirth as the reason for her wardrobe overhaul.