Milly Wa Jesus Explains Why They Refer Themselves as ‘Wajesus Family’

Kenyan content creator and wife of Kabi wa Jesus, Milly wa Jesus, recently shared the reason behind their name, “The Wajesus Family,” through her social media page. As she approaches a new chapter in her life, she proudly identifies herself as Milly Jesus because she has discovered her true identity in Christ.

With just 23 days left until this new phase begins, Milly emphasizes that her faith in Christ is what defines her. She belongs to Him and Him alone, and this conviction is what led them to call themselves The Wajesus Family.

Addressing their new followers, Milly clarifies that their name choice is not about seeking fame or feeling superior to others. Even before fame, they identified themselves as Jesus, and the decision to proclaim their faith through their name is to inspire others to confidently embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Milly extends an invitation to the public to embrace the Gospel and experience God’s glory, which she describes as an unparalleled taste of sweetness. Despite any criticism or negativity from haters, they stand firm, attributing all glory to the Almighty. The Gospel, she explains, is a message of love, mercy, unmerited favor, and forgiveness of sins, which she celebrates as a Jesus today, having done nothing to earn it but receiving it through His grace.

To those who attempt to bring them down, Milly confidently asserts that the power of Jesus is far greater than any criticism they may face. She encourages those who spread negativity to reflect on their own lives and recognize the profound impact of Jesus’ love and grace.

In conclusion, Milly and her family, The Wajesus Family, stand unwavering in their faith, celebrating their identity in Christ and using their platform to spread the good news of the Gospel and inspire others to embrace the love and grace of Jesus.