Popular mzungu TikToker claims Kikuyu wife left him bankrupt -

Popular mzungu TikToker claims Kikuyu wife left him bankrupt

Frank Rahma, a Belgian TikToker residing in Kenya, has openly expressed remorse for both his emotional and financial investments in a relationship with a Kikuyu woman.

In a video that gained widespread attention, Frank, previously identified as Frank Murugi, candidly discussed his current financial struggles resulting from a three-year involvement with the woman. He now acknowledges that his affection was misdirected towards the wrong individual.

Frank, who was previously married to a 22-year-old Kenyan woman named Murugi, announced their separation in February 2023. The couple shares a daughter.

The decline of their relationship was triggered when Frank introduced Rahma, another woman, as his second wife. This act included the introduction of his children to Rahma as well, which is believed to have been a decisive factor in Murugi’s decision.

During that period, Frank embraced a polygamous lifestyle and frequently visited Rahma in Belgium. In a previous TikTok post, he mentioned, “I’ve returned to Belgium to spend quality time with Rahma and my children. I’ll be here for the upcoming three months. After spending extensive time with Murugi since my visit to Kenya in November 2022, it’s only fair for Rahma and my kids to have some of my attention. While Murugi may have concerns, considering I’ve been predominantly with her, the time has come to prioritize Rahma and my children.”

Frank’s admission of financial struggles following the collapse of his initial marriage has generated mixed reactions. Some individuals suspect he may be seeking attention, while others believe his financial predicament is genuine.

Irrespective of the motivation behind his statement, it is evident that Frank continues to grapple with the emotional aftermath of his divorce. His path forward from this complex experience remains uncertain.