Actress Catherine Kamau ALIAS Kate Actress Reveals her Trip to the US is Self-Sponsored

Kenyan actress Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, has responded to critics claiming that her trip to the United States is funded by taxpayers’ money.

A fan identified as rocazkibui commented, “Continue enjoying taxpayers’ money. It’s sweet as it shortly sits. Next stop should be Maka.”

Kate Actress fired back, “@rocazkibui your thinking is so limited woiye, some of us don’t need government funds to thrive. This trip is fully self-sponsored. This is me investing in my brand and minding my business. 💵 You should try it! Gnt.”

On Instagram, Kate emphasized that the trip aims to promote her brand and is entirely self-funded. She clarified that her invitation was extended by the US embassy.

Recently, the award-winning actress announced on social media that she was invited to attend a State dinner at the White House and a luncheon at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta.

“Good morning, this village girl will be attending the State dinner at the White House and a Luncheon at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta by invitation from Her Excellency Ambassador Meg Whitman. @usembassynairobi, your efforts and commitment towards the growth of the Kenyan creative economy are greatly appreciated,” she wrote.

Additionally, comedian Eddie Butita is also in the US, accompanying President William Ruto on his three-day state visit.