UHURU’s family holds a Kikuyu traditional ceremony using MURATINA to curse those who insulted MAMA NGINA KENYATA.

The extended family of President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday meet at Githunguri Stadium, Kiambu County, where they held a unique Kikuyu traditional ceremony to curse those who insulted Mama Ngina Kenyatta last week.

The service, known as Kuringa Mburi, was attended by Kiambu Woman Representatives Anne Nyokabi and Senator Beth Mugo, who is Uhuru’s first cousin.

Traditional Kikuyu blend Muratina was poured as libation to curse the people who insulted the former First Lady.

A member of the Kikuyu Council of elders said God had commanded them to give a sacrifice on behalf of the Kikuyu community and President Kenyatta’s family on that ground since that is where the freedom fighters were being detained.

The said ceremony comes a couple of days after Deputy President William Ruto’s friend Cosmo Choy insulted Mama Ngina Kenyatta, urging her not to think that she is the only mother who can give birth to a President.