31-Year-Old Rev. Lucy Natasha Reveals Why She Doesn’t Have children Despite Being Married for Years

Reverend Lucy Natasha has taken a proactive stance to address the rumors circulating online about her apparent childlessness, despite being married for two years.

In a recent discussion with Oga Obinna, Natasha openly addressed the issue, emphasizing her belief that the timing of parenthood is ultimately determined by God’s plan.

She expressed unwavering faith in God’s timing, stating that she and her husband, Prophet Stanley Carmel, have been earnestly praying for the blessing of children.

Natasha drew inspiration from her younger sister, who is happily married with two children, and expressed her admiration for the joy of motherhood she witnesses in her sister’s life.

She also shared her heartfelt desire for biological children, describing it as a blessing they eagerly anticipate.

“We are trusting in God’s timing,” Natasha affirmed, expressing her hope for the future. “I would love to have two children, regardless of their gender, as a gift from God.”

In addition to discussing her aspirations for motherhood, Pastor Natasha provided insights into her personal interests and leisure activities.

She highlighted her passion for horse riding as a means of relaxation and rejuvenation amidst her busy ministry schedule.

Natasha also expressed her admiration for Guardian Angel, commending his dedication to spreading messages of faith and inspiration.

Touching briefly on cultural differences, Natasha mentioned the topic of dowry payment, clarifying that while she hasn’t personally paid dowry, she and her husband have come to a mutual understanding in their marriage.