Diamond Platnumz ‘ Zuwena’ Says Her Make Up Costs 500,000

Diamond platnumz’s Video Vixen  Zuwena went viral online after she revealed the millions Diamond platnumz paid her for featuring in his song Zuwena. She was the main vixen and the storyline of the song was based on her lifestyle.

Zuwena alleged that Diamond Platnumz paid her 705 usd , which when converted into Tsh. is equivalent to Tsh.1.6 Million. However she exaggerated and said that it is Tsh.17 Million.

She was bashed online for saying lies, but at the end her main aim was to trend and she achieved her goal, which was to trend number one on Tanzanian twitter and also Kenya twitter.

In her recent interview, Zuwena said that she invests alot on her looks, and she revealed that her Makeup only, costs her Tsh.500,000. That is equivalent to Ksh.25,000 , which is slightly a huge amount of money, because most makeups range between ksh.10,000 to 20,000.


Zuwena said that she is thankful to Diamond Platnumz for making her dream come true and also changing her life completely. She said that the feature has had made her famous and she is now sure that she will start featuring as a vixen in other big musicians songs.