“I was chased from Church for marrying an older woman” – Guardian Angel

Gospel artist Guardian Angel has opened up about the unjust treatment he faced within a church community after marrying an older woman. During the launch of his new record label, “7 Heaven Music,” Angel shared his painful experience, revealing that the mistreatment led him to temporarily distance himself from the church.

Recalling a specific incident, Angel disclosed, “I went to sing at a church, and upon arrival, the pastor informed me that the elders had instructed against my participation on the altar. Despite a 30-minute argument, the pastor eventually allowed me to sing. However, as I began, he became agitated and attempted to take away my microphone, only to be restrained by his wife.”

Expressing his disillusionment, Angel added, “Upon completing my performance, the pastor took the microphone and failed to acknowledge the song. This incident fueled my resentment towards the church.”

The ordeal prompted Angel to declare that he would never return to a church. Reflecting on the unfair treatment, he questioned, “Why should marrying my wife make me unworthy of singing for God in church? I decided to cease attending any church gatherings, opting to pray privately at home. However, my wife continued attending her church.”

The turning point in Guardian Angel’s journey occurred when he encountered Pastor Ababu, who eventually became his spiritual mentor. According to Angel, Pastor Ababu extended support despite the negative rumors surrounding him.

“At a birthday party, I met Pastor Ababu, and I was amazed to witness a pastor expressing excitement upon seeing me, much like a fan. His genuine happiness made a significant impact on me,” Angel shared.

Continuing his account, he revealed, “It was later revealed that the pastor who had driven me away from the church had impregnated someone illicitly. This realization made me understand that my decision to stay away from the church was influenced by someone grappling with personal struggles, and the devil intended to exploit that to distance me from the church.”