“Uliua mtoto wangu” – Jeff Mwathi’s mother confronts DJ Fatxo live on radio -

“Uliua mtoto wangu” – Jeff Mwathi’s mother confronts DJ Fatxo live on radio

DJ Fatxo, the renowned Mugithi star, found himself in an emotional state during a recent radio appearance when he received a call from Jeff Mwathi’s mother, who unleashed a barrage of harsh words towards him.

During the interview on Radio Jambo, DJ Fatxo opened up about the events leading to Jeff Mwathi’s tragic demise on February 22, 2023, in his own residence, after they had spent the day together.

Jeff’s mother, expressing her deep anguish, confronted DJ Fatxo over the phone conversation, expressing her frustration at the halted investigation into her son’s death.

In her distraught state, Jeff’s mother confronted DJ Fatxo, asserting that he had a responsibility to answer for his actions.

“I told my son to go home, and the DJ promised to take him there… so he had planned something. He is a murderer, and he killed my son,” Jeff’s mother said.

“The government should stop being manipulated; when someone commits a crime, they should be held accountable.”

“I want him to come forward and reveal where he killed my son and explain what led him to do such a thing,” she added.

In her brokenhearted state, Jeff’s mother accused the singer of colluding with authorities to evade crucial inquiries regarding Jeff’s untimely death.

In his defense, DJ Fatxo argued that he lacked the financial means to obstruct justice, refuting Jeff’s mother’s claims.

“For instance, even Pastor Ezekiel was recently arrested, despite having connections in high places. I don’t have any influential contacts. How could I have bribed everyone, including the police, pathologists, detectives, and even Kindiki?” he responded.