She is all grown! Photos of Eldoret baby found dumped in bush protected by dogs turns 6

In Eldoret town, six years ago, a group of stray dogs caught the attention of onlookers as they gathered around an unusual bundle, wagging their tails and snarling suspiciously. However, the dogs quickly dispersed when people started to approach, revealing an abandoned infant wrapped in a blanket. Bishop Wilson Kurui of Jesus Love Ministry, who was informed about the incident, was amazed to find the baby unharmed and not crying. Although they were unsure how long the baby had been there, they estimated her age to be less than two weeks.

Without hesitation, Bishop Kurui and his wife Christine took the baby to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, where she received a clean bill of health and was estimated to be two weeks old. Afterward, they reported the matter to Eldoret Central Police Station, and temporary custody of the baby was given to the Jesus Love Ministry Children’s Home.

Through appeals for help, various organizations such as Faith Hope and Love, Feel A Bucket with Love, Genesis Family 254, and other faith-based and charity organizations came forward to support the baby’s needs, including formula, milk, food, medicine, and other essentials. The baby girl became the center of attention at the children’s home, adored by older children and caretakers who eagerly took care of her. She grew up not knowing her biological parents or family beyond the confines of the center.

Now, six years later, Bishop Kurui reflects on the journey and considers the child a blessing. Despite being left to die, she has thrived and become a vibrant and charming daughter who brings joy to their lives. Her remarkable intelligence and eagerness to learn have made her stand out. Even though she is in grade one under the British system of education, she often corrects grammatical errors, reminding others that education knows no age.

Bishop Kurui, who himself was once a street child in Mombasa, having escaped from cruel parents, is determined to ensure that this brilliant girl achieves all her aspirations. He believes she will become an advocate for less fortunate children. Every December, they celebrate her birthday as a family, reflecting on the journey they have traversed and embracing hope for a better future.

Since its inception in 2007, the children’s home founded by Bishop Kurui has rescued approximately 70 children and rehabilitated 30 others. Many of these children were abandoned or faced dire circumstances due to the 2007/2008 post-election violence, which resulted in numerous deaths and displacements.

The primary mission of the center is to provide accommodation, rehabilitation, food, and education for these children. Additionally, they assist older children in obtaining national identity cards, enabling them to secure employment and engage in other productive activities.

Bishop Kurui, whose personal experience drove him to champion the needs of vulnerable children, proudly recalls a girl they rescued from the streets. She had been involved in drug peddling but was eventually enrolled in school. Today, she is a high school teacher, happily married, and supports the center’s mission. These success stories fuel Bishop Kurui’s passion for giving disadvantaged children a second chance.

Expressing concern, Bishop Kurui notes that many parents today seem to have abdicated their responsibilities, further highlighting the need for intervention. He encourages parents and well-wishers to visit children’s homes during the festive season and provide not only material gifts but also parental support, inspiring the children to believe in their potential for success despite the challenges they face.