Mulamwah: Nilitoa Carol Kando ya Barabara Akiuza Chips

Mulamwah, a renowned comedian and radio presenter, recently divulged some harsh realities regarding his past relationship with ex-girlfriend Carol Sonnie. In an interview with presenter Ali, Mulamwah shed light on the tumultuous dynamics between them.

Mulamwah expressed that Carol Sonnie is actively working against his success, employing falsehoods to tarnish his reputation. He asserted that he played a pivotal role in elevating Carol from selling chips on the roadside to achieving fame. However, instead of showing gratitude, Carol is allegedly attempting to undermine Mulamwah’s career and brand even though they are no longer together.

The comedian revealed that he has taken down videos from his YouTube channel due to the controversies surrounding his baby mama. Alleged false statements made by Carol Sonnie online have led to the loss of numerous brand deals for Mulamwah. Frustrated by the situation, he is contemplating deactivating his social media accounts and has temporarily halted his comedy work.

Mulamwah claimed that Carol has blocked him on all social media platforms, despite her insistence that she hasn’t denied him access to their child. Undeterred, Mulamwah expressed his willingness to sacrifice everything in the face of Carol’s actions, vowing that she will ultimately bear the consequences. He declared that he is prepared to expose the truth to the public, regardless of the personal cost.

The ongoing online feud between Carol Sonnie and Mulamwah revolves around their shared child, Keilah Oyando. The situation escalated to the point where David Oyando disowned the child, alleging infidelity on Carol’s part. The bitter exchange of words between the two former partners has persisted for a year, with Mulamwah now determined to bring transparency to the public sphere.