Samidoh's wife responds to Karen Nyamu claims she helped her get sh 9 Million tender

Samidoh’s wife responds to Karen Nyamu claims she helped her get sh 9 Million tender

Samidoh’s wife has reacted to Karen Nyamu’s claim that she assisted her with getting Ksh 9 Million tender.

The quarrel between Karen Nyamu and Samidoh’s significant other Edday took another bend last week after Edday divulged her favored Nairobi Senator.

In her social media platforms, the mother of two said she supports Julie Kabogo who is competing under Chama Cha Kazi Party.

Her post had blended response from fans.

A fan recognized as Muthoni Wakahiu Maina told her that she should be ashmed for not supporting Karen yet she helped her secure a tender worth Ksh 9 million.

Edday reacted by let the fan know that she should research to find out and once she finds out the truth she should shut her mouth.
Muthoni Wakahiu Maina: You are not appreciative!) After kupewa tender ya 9 million, Bado umemruka? Anyway… am team goat wive! Julie all the way!

Edday responded: Muthoni Wakahiu Maina wewe ni tender unapenda,uliona nikipewa,chunguza ukijua ukweli uache mdomo.

Nyamu, in a meeting with Jalang’o TV last year said she assisted Samidoh’s wife with registering a company that got a tender worth sh 9 Million excusing claims she is a homewrecker.

“Contrary to what people think that I want to push her out, I have been involved in helping the family. Last year I gave Samidoh an idea that she ( Samidoh’s wife) should register a company because we were getting tenders. Right now she is serving a tender for stationery worth Sh9 million which I and Samidoh’s brother Kariz Magic sat down and did the documents,” claimed Nyamu.

“She (Samidoh’s wife) went to source for the price in River Road, came with the prices, and we filled the documents making sure it was good and competitive and she got that tender. Is that a woman I am fighting?”

Who is saying the truth here?