Boni Khalwale talks on Killing His farm Caretaker allegations for ‘Chewing’ his wife

The recent passing of Kizito Moi, a dedicated farmhand at the residence of Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale, has sparked controversy and widespread speculation on social media. This has resulted in accusations directed at the senator, who is known for his active involvement in Luhya cultural bullfighting.

The lifeless body of the 47-year-old worker was discovered in the stable of a bull he had faithfully cared for over a span of two decades, exhibiting multiple injuries. Senator Khalwale is now under scrutiny as online critics and speculators question the circumstances surrounding Kizito’s tragic demise, hinting at the possibility of foul play.

Kakamega businessman Toto Shimanyula has gone a step further, alleging a cover-up and urging the police to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter. In response to these accusations, Senator Khalwale vehemently rejected them, casting doubt on their credibility and underscoring the importance of information from verified sources.

During a phone interview with The Star, the senator expressed his disbelief at responding to claims originating from social media, stating, “You are telling me to respond to claims from social media? Really! Really! Really.” Khalwale emphasized his preference for credible and verified accounts, stressing the significance of relying on factual information.

In an effort to clarify the situation, Senator Khalwale called for transparency by organizing a press conference at his compound in the presence of law enforcement. At the conference, he defended his actions and refuted allegations of a cover-up. Khalwale explained that the tragic incident occurred during cultural rites, prompting him to perform the necessary act of euthanizing the bull, named ‘Inasio,’ in accordance with Luhya cultural practices.

Despite the senator’s attempts to address the allegations, social media continues to buzz with discussions and speculations. Nonetheless, Khalwale remains firm in his stance, inviting the media to cover the funeral procession and assuring transparency throughout the process.

Emphasizing the importance of relying on verified information, Senator Khalwale urged the media to focus on facts rather than social media narratives, stating, “We want to encourage the mainstream media to draw from facts, not from social media.”