Samidoh sparks Romance Rumors with another woman

Ladies, what is it about Kikuyu benga star Samidoh that has everyone talking? Even I, as a journalist, am curious about the phenomenon. There’s no denying that the mere mention of Samidoh’s name sends shivers down the spines of Mugithi lovers everywhere. And it seems that the singer is enjoying the attention from his female fans.

Recently, Samidoh shared a video on TikTok with one of his adoring fans and it caused quite a stir on the internet. The video shows the police officer and the fan lip-syncing to a Kikuyu song, leading to speculation of another potential scandal between Samidoh and Karen Nyamu. The memories of their previous drama are still fresh in our minds.

Update on the Samidoh and Karen Nyamu drama Senator Karen Nyamu has been given more time to defend herself against allegations of her behavior at a recent concert in Dubai. The United Democratic party’s disciplinary committee has given her an extension to respond to the charges, which stem from an altercation at a Mugithi concert on December 16, 2022.

In a video that quickly spread, Nyamu was seen being restrained by security at the event and later blamed her actions on alcohol. She has since promised to give up drinking, but that hasn’t stopped some party members, including former UDA presidential hopeful Japhnei Orina, from calling for her expulsion.

If the disciplinary process results in Nyamu’s expulsion from the party, she will also lose her senatorial seat. We’ll have to wait until February 24 to see how this drama unfolds.