Muthee Kiengei- ‘Guka wa nairobi’, Biography, Age, Family, WIVES

Muthee Kiengei- ‘Guka wa nairobi’, Biography, Age, Family, WIVES

Benson Gathungu Kamua, famously known as Muthee Kiengei, is a Kenyan comedian, morning show presenter and an ordained man of God. He is an effervescent person who makes witty jokes during live his show. Many know him for his strikingly exquisite looks and witty tongue. His choice to became a Godly man came as a shock to many however he kept up with that he was prepared to serve the Lord and that it wasn’t a joke .


Mzee kiengei began his career as a street comedian back in 2006 and further participated in various Kikuyu films.

He would then ascent to become a morning show presenter at Kameme FM, a well known vernacular radio station. He co-hosts the morning show Arahuka alongside Gatonye Wa Mbugua. The show is profoundly rated and is one of the most listened to vernacular morning shows in the country.

Becoming a pastor

The radio personality claimed that his late mother’s dream was to see him become a pastor someday . However she is a gone memory, he got to fulfill this wish when he was ordained as pastor on 25th November. He was ordained priest of the African Independent Pentecostal Churches of Africa (AIPCA) and was posted to the Gatundu Township headquarters as the parish head.

“Please bear with my family’s decision. Thank you to my elder brother, pastor Kiarie, for respecting my mother’s wish and holding me back to service. Doing this was not easy, but right,” he said.

His fans thought that it was another joke when he decided to become a pastor. He, however, said this was a serious matter and that he had lost many friends thanks to making this decision. After being ordained, he jokingly said the following day, that the first thing he would do is ask for the keys to the wine room.


Muthee Kiengei Wa Watora Biography, Career, Pastor, Wives and Wealth

Kiengei married his first wife Keziah Kariuki in a church wedding but with time they grew apart. Keziah also works as a presenter for a vernacular station and in a past interview she revealed how her husband marrying another woman really hurt her even as she tried to hide it.

“It was a painful experience. Sometimes I was getting ready for a TV show and I would break down. In other instances, I would be getting ready to appear before the camera, only to burst out in tears and mess my make-up,” she said.

However, Kiengei accepted that with time they started to repulse one another. He additionally noticed that the two needed to go on with their lives and that their child will never lack in both motherly and fatherly love.

“We both were repelling from each other, and so we decided I go find happiness as she finds hers,” He shared on social media.

The presenter however wedded another lady named Joyceline Ngaru.