Woman rapes an 8-year-old boy and infects him with sexually transmitted diseases

In Tanzania, a distressing incident occurred involving the sexual assault of an eight-year-old boy by a middle-aged woman, Desderia Mbwelwa. This unfortunate event led to the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases to the young victim. On Friday, Mbwelwa received a significant prison sentence of 29 years; however, the details of the verdict were not widely publicized until now.

The incident took place when Mbwelwa encountered the boy while he was tending to cattle in a village located in the southern district of Iringa. She inquired about the whereabouts of his friends, and upon learning that they were absent, she proceeded to sexually assault him under a tree.

During the trial, several witnesses, including a doctor who examined the boy, testified to support the prosecution’s case. The doctor confirmed the presence of injuries and the contraction of sexual infections in the boy’s genital area, providing substantial evidence against Mbwelwa.

In her defense, Mbwelwa emphasized her role as an adult with dependents, including children and grandchildren. Her lawyer, Frank Mwela, expressed intentions to appeal the verdict, citing the absence of a test confirming whether Mbwelwa herself had sexually transmitted diseases.

Mwela argued, “My client has not tested positive for these diseases, and both she and her witness have attested to not having them. Additionally, one of the witnesses happens to be her husband.”