VIDEO of a drunk college lady from Kenya Water Institute who urinated on herself leaves parents disturbed (Video).

College and University students are well known for their partying habits.

Most of them even skip classes to attend Party’s and the outcome is always a regret.

A beautiful lass from the Kenya Water Institute in Nairobi West is a case example after she bady embarrassed herself after over indulging in alcohol.

The incident happened in Nairobi West shopping center where she and her friends had gone for a drinking spree.

In the video which has since gone viral, the lady identified as Tracy is seen trying to be controlled by her female friends who try to lift her as she staggers uncontrollably.

Her male counterparts are heard in the background mocking the lady for being a lightweight drinker.

“Unalewa aje na tot tatu (How can three tots get you so drunk),” the gent is heard shouting.

Being so drunk, she went on ahead and urinated on herself.

Watch the Video below;