Ringtone Apoko: I Used To give Mjulus to 30 Women Daily

Ringtone Apoko has recently opened up about his tumultuous past prior to embracing Christianity and pursuing a gospel music career.

The musician’s decision to share details about his past came in response to allegations made by Eric Omondi, who claimed that Ringtone was among gospel artists involved in inappropriate relationships with young women. According to Eric, Ringtone was living a double life, pretending to be a devout Christian while engaging in immoral activities with three women daily. Eric asserted that he possessed evidence to substantiate his claims against Ringtone.

In his candid response, Apoko acknowledged his past indiscretions, confessing to being an immoral person who once glorified promiscuity and sexual indulgence. He disclosed that, during that period, he was exceptionally proficient in matters of intimacy, claiming to have been involved with around 30 women on a daily basis.

Such a revelation would undoubtedly be noteworthy, potentially even qualifying for inclusion in the Guinness World Records. Ringtone explained that a transformative moment led him to reevaluate his lifestyle, prompting him to turn away from his past and dedicate his life to serving God. Since then, he has remained steadfast in his commitment to a life free from sin.

In addition to his spiritual transformation, the musician shared that he has found his ideal life partner. Ringtone expressed his readiness to settle down, hinting at an impending wedding this year. Kenyans can anticipate the introduction of his new girlfriend, who is also poised to become his future wife.