Fred Arocho: Why I Left Radio Jambo , I’ M Earning A Salary of Almost Ksh.1 Million at Radio 47.

Fred Arocho, a renowned Kenyan sports commentator, recently shed light on his departure from Radio Jambo and his move to Radio 47, along with the substantial shift in his earnings.

Arocho disclosed that his departure from Radio Jambo was amicable, emphasizing a sense of timing and readiness for a new chapter in his career. Having dedicated 14 years to Radio Jambo, Arocho expressed a desire for professional growth, prompting him to embrace the challenge of joining Radio 47.

Regarding his remuneration, Arocho underscored the significance of salary in any employment decision. While acknowledging that Radio Jambo compensated him adequately, he noted a marked disparity between his previous earnings and the package offered by Radio 47.

At Radio 47, Arocho revealed that his monthly salary eclipses his previous earnings, hovering between slightly over ksh.500,000 and nearly ksh.1 million. This translates to an estimated monthly income of around ksh.750,000 to 800,000, a figure commonly attained by distinguished journalists in the industry.