“Nimezoea kulala na Mgomba Wa Ndizi, Sitaki Wasichana,” Kisii Man Says

In Kenya, a rather unconventional video has recently gone viral, featuring a man from Kisii who openly admitted to having an intimate relationship with a banana tree. This video has generated significant attention within the Kenyan community, particularly among TikTok users.

The man chose to share this peculiar revelation during a segment known as “Toboa siri” (disclose your secrets) on the popular Kenyan radio station, Radio Jambo. This segment is a part of a reggae show hosted by Mbusii and Lion and offers a platform for individuals to divulge their most deeply held secrets or concerns.

In his call to the radio station, a 27-year-old from Kisii revealed the underlying reason behind his unusual actions. He explained that he had developed a profound fear of HIV and AIDS following the death of his beloved uncle due to the disease. Consequently, this fear had led him to develop a negative perception of engaging in sexual relationships with women, making it exceedingly challenging for him to abstain from sexual activities.

In an attempt to satisfy his sexual urges while avoiding the risk of HIV, the man resorted to a rather unique method. He had bored a hole into a banana tree and used it as a means of gratifying himself. In his perspective, this unorthodox arrangement felt much safer than engaging in sexual activities with women, and he was entirely comfortable with it.

Despite the pressure from his parents to get married, the man had no inclination towards women and found fulfillment in his relationship with the banana tree. Unsurprisingly, his confession has triggered a wide range of reactions among Kenyans. Some individuals have expressed shock and disbelief, while others have found the situation somewhat amusing.

The man’s statement in Kiswahili, “Mimi nimezoea kulala na Mgomba Wa Ndizi, Sitaki Wasichana kabisaa, hao wanaweza niambukiza Ukimwi. Wazazi wamejaribu kuniambia nioe lakini wapi, ile kitu hawajui ni ati mimi niko na bibi yangu na ni hii mgomba wa ndizi, na huwa naskia vizuri sana,” conveys his unique perspective on his unconventional relationship with the banana tree.