MEET Sagwe , NHIF receptionist who bought KSH. 210 million houses in Athi River
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The Story of NHIF Receptionist Who Bought Sh. 210 Million Houses

NHIF Scandal: A receptionist at the National Hospital Fund purchased eight houses worth Sh. 160 million somewhere in between 2013 and 2017 at an upmarket estate in Athi River.

As indicated by The Star paper, the receptionist also claimed a chain of businesses which included vehicle and carpet cleaning businesses across Nairobi esteemed at Sh. 50 million.“They are managed by his wife whom he married at a lavish wedding held at Safari Park at a cost of Sh. 25 million,” the paper reported.

It further said that Fredrick Sagwe Onyancha was among 20 individuals whom the Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji wanted arrested for suspected corruption claims at the NHIF.

Sagwe was brought up in Umoja estate in Eastlands and went to Nakuru High School. He went to USIU and after graduation he joined the NHIF in 2007 as a front office worker earning a salary of Sh. 50,000. Brought up by a relative up in Buruburu, Sagwe’s way of life out of nowhere changed in 2013 after he joined the tender evaluation committee at NHIF.

MEET Sagwe , NHIF receptionist who bought KSH. 210 million houses in Athi River

The board awards tender, including those worth multi-million shillings, said The Star. “With a salary of Sh. 150,000 a month currently, Sagwe is a multi-millionaire who has a taste for the good things of life. He is not a party animal and goes out only to Carnivore restaurant. Sagwe has three sons and all of them go to international schools in Nairobi.”

The report said that Sagwe purchased four houses worth at 20 million each in 2013. He at that point purchased top-of-the range vehicles including Range Rovers and Toyota V8s.Sagwe then embarked on sprucing up his house in Green Park estate located along Mombasa Road with a panoramic view of the nearby Lukenya Hills. The investigators valued the house and all the fittings at Sh. 40 million.

The Assets Recovery team however moved to court to repossess the house and other different properties.

The house was once highlighted in a KTN program named Ideal Space, where Sagwe’s wife clarified the costly fittings in their palatial home.“He is a very polite person who sometimes tries to look like a modest man by driving a small car,” said one of the investigating officers who has been on his case for months now. NHIF Scandal.

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